Goldman Sachs Omerta

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Todays DealB%k refers to a NYT Sunday Magazine interview of Abby Joseph Cohen. She of course works for Goldman Sachs (GS) as Chief strategist but does not speak publicly that much.

Deborah Soloman asked the question do you have a Facebook page. Abby Joseph Cohn responds no and then declares the law of omerta has been invoked at Goldman Sachs about Facebook. Dealbook quote “I don’t think we should talk about this. No one here is supposed to be talking about Facebook.”

So if the law of omerta has been invoked what is Goldman Sachs afraid of. usually when you score the big deal you get bragging rights. Look forward to the next Q report. how transparent will Goldman be in discussing earnings and or corporate governance issues relating to the Facebook deal. Lawsuits a brewing.

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JB Hunt Curious Fuel Charge

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JB Hunt (JBHT) reported Q4 numbers and watched their stock sell off on a down market day. Scan the income statement and spend some time trying to understand the fuel surcharge dynamic. On an annual basis they increased the fuel charge 2010 over 2009 by $116 million. The actual coast of fuel and fuel taxes increased by $70 million. Therefore on this line item they have net profits of $116 million. But net earnings are up $32 million.

The fuel charge is hiding a lot of operating cost increases. The shareholder is not participating adequately. Customers and competitors are sure to exploit this vulnerability.

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Suez Will Not Close

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Guggenhein Shipping ETF (SEA) popped Friday because of the Egypt thing. The media wants investors to be scared and stay tuned. CNN keeps speculating that the Suez Canal may shut down. Here is the prediction.

The Suez Canal will stay open.

The revolt is from the street not from Al Queda/Extremist Islamic Groups which seeks to harm the west. Look at Iraq. Warfare, suicide bombers and every imaginable form of violence. They continue to pump oil because it generates cash every day. Same thing with the Suez Canal.  

They will fight, riot and even loot a little. but they will not be allowed to fool around with the money.

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Stanley Black & Decker Big Dog Promise

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Stanley Black & Decker (SWK) made investors happy and pushed the stock to a 52 week high. They have been successful in achieving cost synergies through the merger of both Stanley and Black & Decker. They delighted investors with this quote from the press release

Today, management is updating this estimate and now believes the company will achieve $425 million in cost synergies by the end of 2012. ……The overwhelming majority of this $75 million excess over the original $350 million target is projected to fall to the bottom line.

The quote is not attributed to a specific executive but it is integral to the press release. Several other quotes were made such as

“Stanley Black & Decker’s President and CEO, John F. Lundgren, commented, 2010 was a landmark year for Stanley Black & Decker, driven largely by the significant progress we made in integrating Black & Decker. Notably, we were able to achieve 7% organic growth for the year on a pro forma basis amid an uncertain economic environment while continuing the integration in a manner that allowed us to exceed our original cost synergy targets.”


“Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, James M. Loree, commented, “We are thankful to our associates for executing this major integration smoothly and effectively thus far. We are excited that we could today raise our merger-related cost savings targets to $425 million, $75 million above our original estimate, and at the same time, introduce a commitment of between $300 and $400 million for revenue synergies”

Revenue synergies is an interesting word. Most executives say growth. Time will tell. Yes they have managed costs very well. But you will need to grow revenue through new and enhanced products. I hear no talk about upcoming products that will drive shareholder value.

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Boeings Wild Card Cost Issues


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Boeing (BA) investors have died a death of a thousand cuts. 787 delays and problems continue to be vexatious. I am sure that on a technical level they are diligently working to fix it. Management is trying to sooth investors by claiming that late delivery fees are within expectations. But the margins for 2011 787 and 747-8 deliveries are nill. Boeing worked for free. Not good.

On a certain level you need to get costs behind you. Short term pain long-term gain has always made sense. The two wild cards in margins and profitability are unexpected costs and further cancellation or delay fees.

The fixes that Boeing is looking to will continue to be expensive. The engineers have a mandate to fix not save nickels. The near term desperation will adversely affect margins. Also while Boeing may be managing cancellation and late fees ona cash basis we have no idea what they are promising for future prices allowing customers to average down. This is further risk of the pricing compression variety.

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CN Long Ball Dividend Gambit


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CN (CNI) declares a dividend affirming that they have had a good year and expect good things in the future. But when does the dividend become baked into the price. It has been announced so the yield should look better. But the dividend is payable March 31 to shareholders of record at close of trading March 10. Thats a full six weeks in the future. At the same time the new repurchase plan starts in just a few days on Jan 28.

The executive have primed the demand pump as much as possible. This is not a coincidence. You can just see the board of directors consulting their calendars and calculating greatest effect for stock demand. Why not just declare the dividend and pay it out quickly. Nothing like a satisfied investor who just put profits in their pockets.

Luc Jobin, CN executive vice-president and chief financial officer, said: “CN posted strong financial results for 2010 that benefited from the economic recovery and a solid overall corporate performance, with free cash flow exceeding C$1.1 billion. The Company believes it is well positioned to continue its policy of rewarding shareholders by substantially increasing its dividend for 2011 and returning additional cash through a new share buy-back program.”

Luc you can afford it so just do it.

Disclosure: “George Gutowski” writes from a “caveat emptor perspective”. I hold no positions in stocks mentioned in this post.

Subversive Investor Relations

Careful about what you read and perhaps believe. The editorial persona of Financial Skeptic is to be skeptical. simple business model. I climb the wall of worry. The other day I receive the following emails. Investors need to know that some of the opinions out there are bought and paid for. I leave the reader to follow the subversive logic. This blogger is not interested.


Thanks for the quick response.

We are working with Immunocellular Therapeutics (OTC BB: IMUC) to find qualified research candidates. We are looking for 8 original posts (200 – 300 words each), published on your site, over a 90 day period.

Disclosure, indicating that this is paid, but independent research, would be included with each post. Something along the lines of, “This is part of a paid, but independent research series on Immunocellular Therapeutics [link to all articles in the series]. The views and opinions expressed in this Series are purely my own. I do not own any Immunocellular Therapeutics Securities.”

There is no hard and fast rule regarding compensation, but it is based primarily on your distribution and reach. We have a budget of $800 – $2400 (and potentially more) for the Series. Payment would be made in two trenches.

Could you please provide some details regarding your site traffic, email distribution, etc.? Do you have any minimum compensation requirements? Once this information is gathered, I will consult with the company and get back to you shortly.

Thanks again for your response. I look forward to collaborating on this and future projects.

Best, Doug.

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 1:34 PM, George Gutowski <> wrote:

Hi Doug
I would like to get more information on this opportunity



Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 17:44:41 -0500
Subject: Research Coverage


My name is Doug Cress. Apologies if this email reaches you in error.

We are looking to hire an analyst to initiate paid, but independent, research on an emerging biotech company.

The research would consist of +/- 8 blog posts over the course of 90 days (with full disclosure).

Please let me know if this opportunity is of interest and I will follow up with additional details.

Best regards,


Doug Cress