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Inside the Mind of John Dowd – Rajarantnam’s Very Defeated Lawyer

Raj Rajaratnam was 100% convicted of insider trading. None of the charges were dismissed. The message to white collar criminals. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. The deterent effect will sweep over the financial community. So where does John Dowd come off making rude gestures on CNBC cameras and making injudicious comments to a live microphone.

John Dowd represents the delusional side of the legal community which is so confident in their ability to get clients off they expect judges and juries to fold like cheap suits. John Dowd made enough miscalculations to actually delude himself. When he was faced with the cold harsh reality of defeat he just lost it. So great was his contempt for the law and legal process. So great was his shock with reality. So great was his poor judgement in giving CNBC a look into his inner psyche.

While the financial community got the big message, the legal community received a bigger one. The message was stillborn in the juries verdict. You cannot get your clients off. The value of a lawyer to a white collar criminal is now much dimished. My lawyer can get me off type of thinking is now suicidal. To John Dowd that is a huge revealation.