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Top Ten Surprising Government Cutbacks Get Ready #debtceiling

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So what does Uncle Sam stop spending money on when everything blows up this week. Here is a list of potential solutions.

  1. Stop paying all elected and appointed officials in Washington. That includes the expense accounts. We’re getting bad value for our money.
  2. Cut back on social security and food stamps. Big savings here. Grandma doesn’t need the money. She just spends it on the grandkids anyway.
  3. Cut all government programs in congressional districts represented by tea baggers. They do not want the money any way. Just listen to them.
  4. Release federal prisoners earlier. It is very expensive to keep someone in jail. Actually I think Obama might just release anyone imprisoned for minor drug charges. Mass Presidential pardon anyone.
  5. Stop all international aid or welfare depending on how you see it. We obviously cannot afford it.
  6. Stop secret bribes to foreign despots that go straight into secret Swiss Bank accounts. Swiss Banks just buy safe US Treasuries.
  7. Tell Seal Team Six on the next big op they have to use less bullets but we still want a big win.
  8. Turn the lights and air con off in all federal buildings. Save money and it is energy-efficient.
  9. Tell the IRS to stop chasing accounts under $100.00 it can’t be efficient.
  10. Put the entire US Postal service on furlough. Who wants to get bills anyway.

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