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They killed Kenny er Goldman er Blankfein $GS #corpgov #sec @gselevator

The new and revised flag of South Park

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Lloyd Blankfein Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs Group (NYSE:GS) is hiring criminal lawyers. Goldman’s buzz machine communications people say it’s routine. Lots of stuff needs to come out in the laundry. Lots of key executives leaving for greener and safer pastures. But the whole “lets get Goldman” keeps reminding me of Southpark’s OMG They killed Kenny. Then you know what happened in the next episode.

Note to readers South Park is a cartoon. Goldman still is not a cartoon but it is trading around it’s 52 week low.

Disclosure: George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. I never killed Kenny not even once. I hold no positions in stocks mentioned in this post. I have no plans to initiate new positions within the next 72 hours.

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