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Kindle Fire vs iPad – vacuum cleaner wars $AAPL $AMZN #kindlefire #ipad

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OK it’s game on between Apple and Amazon. Between iPad and Kindle Fire. Everyone is focused on what they can and cannot do. We are blinded by the user experience paradigms. What you are really seeing is an old fashion war between two vacuum cleaners. The two vacuum cleaners are designed to suck cash out of a consumer’s pocket as quickly as possible. Books, music, video whatever can make a buck is what we are talking about. The cost of the devices may come down to near zero. What shopping center charges parking. They want you in with your wallets open. Be quick about it.

Eventually you will see many with both tablets. Huh. Think about it! Have you ever shopped at two different malls? Sometimes in the same day. Have you ever sent your partner to one mall and you are at another for some heavy-duty comparison shopping?

Kindle Fire and iPad will eventually need to differentiate themselves in offerings and pricing strategy. We may even view Amazon and Apple as two competing department stores just like Sears and Macy’s. 

So much for thin, light weight, compact, gorilla glass, touch screen and all the other features. No one has a long-term competitive advantage. At the end of the day will the consumer click and salivate at iPad or Kindle Fire. I can’t wait for the cyclonic features which must be coming soon. Capitalism you gotta love it.

Disclosure: George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. I click and salivate at many on-line stores. I have no positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have no plans to initiate new positions within the next 72 hours.