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Chesapeake Energy Update and Correction. What Does Step Down really Mean! Investors Still Screwed $CHK

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Numerous readers including David J. Chamberlin Executive Vice President / General Manager, Dallas for Edelman who I presume is engaged by Chesapeake (NYSE:CHK) have pointed out that Aubrey McClendon did not resign as the CEO but he did step down as Chairman. In my earlier post I wrote “The recent resignation of Aubrey K. McClendon – Chairman and CEO will not extinguish the fire storm`. The reader comments are correct; Aubrey K McClendon did not resign as CEO. My apologies about a technical issue which may beg the real question.

Aubrey K McClendon also did not step down as CEO. But he did step down as Chairman. So what does step down really mean! The public relations guys see a really big difference. Step down has a softer less harsh connotation than such words as resigned, relieved, pushed out, fired, dismissed, replaced, disciplined or god forbid terminated.

Step down does not adequately address the issue of destroyed shareholder value. Mid March investors valued the company at a few pennies over $25.50. The close on May 3, 2012 $17.19 which was up on the day. That`s just over $8 per share loss! Now that`s a step down. Investors are still wondering if there are more step downs to follow.

But let’s be clear about the facts. Aubrey K McClendon is currently the CEO. The board of directors seems to be OK with Aubrey K McClendon staying on as CEO.

I also still stand by the gist of my earlier post about when you should consider investing in Chesapeake. Mr Chamberlin I hope your OK with this clarification.

Oh by the way Mr Chamberlin of Edelman do you have any comments about Chesapeake confirming a SEC Informal Inquiry. The SEC was careful to point out an informal inquiry does not mean any securities laws were broken or violated. But they have requested that both the company and Mr McClendon retain certain documents. Hey no problem as he is still the CEO.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.