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Japan Airline Limited $JAL prepares to remove cash from investors pockets.

English: Japan Airlines logo

English: Japan Airlines logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dealbook from the New York Times (NYSE:NYT) announced that Japan Airlines is seriously planning and I’m told this is serious to go public very soon. It will be the largest IPO after Facebook which may not count anymore. You see people actually use Japan Airlines. I mean with the geisha girl branding and seaweed snacks its strong very strong. White guys will buy this. White women probably not.

Stories about retail investors lining up hmm. Whats this retail investors getting into something good not possible but reported as such. K lets review the baseline. Previously bankrupt Japanese airline bought by private investors to make a quick flip. What did they change? Japanese government  put in some tax things and major competitors upset because it’s not fair. Cost of oil still high. The fact that no airline has  consistently covered its cost of capital is a factor at least for me.

But lets all forget about that one and go IPO. Japan is not where its been happening. The airline corporate needs to go Reg FD and stop with the stupid promote. New York Times should be ashamed of itself for even one drumbeat.

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