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Surprising Twitter Power of Financial News $YHOO $NWSA $TWIT #IR #corpgov

If you are a serious investor you are also a serious business news junkie. The blood sport known as investing is an information seeking culture to the extreme. So lets look at the power of various business news outlets and their supposed power grading in the twitter world. You may be surprised to learn that CNBC does not get a top billing.

So a few words about the power ratings. Followers count big time. You need followers to outnumber following by quantum amounts. Your followers are also graded and if they have more followers than following that’s very powerful. The more often you are retweeted the better.

The power rankings are out of 13.1 million. That’s how many twitter users actually count and register. So here are the results in order of power.

  1. twitter@businessinsider 144K followers. Power rank 298
  2. twitter@cnnmoney 445K followers. Power rank 1035
  3. twitter@yahoofinance 158K followers. Power rank 1690
  4. twitter@foxbusiness 116K followers. Power rank 2361
  5. twitter@ft 709K followers. Power rank 2672
  6. twitter@forbes 1108k followers. Power rank 3721
  7. twitter@bloombergnow 186K followers. Power Rank 4202
  8. twitter@cnbc 932K followers. Power Rank 4839
  9. twitter@bw  156K followers. Power Rank 5739
  10. twitter@fortunemagazine 691K Followers. Power Rank 6821

This is not taking into account the power rankings of individual journalists and editors who are the real hard-working heroes getting the stories. But if you’re an investor relations pro trying to work the social media angles the twitter power rankings do not match up to the usual mind share that some of these news organizations normally have.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. Follow him on twitter@financialskepti where he has a power rank of 1.1 million.


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