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Presidential Wives Reflect Husband Twitter Power $TWIT $FB #obama #romney

Presidential wives can help some but in this go around Michelle Obama and Ann D Romney twitter power seems to reflect their husbands twitter power. So the intangibles of the spouse remain intangible and perhaps irrelevant from a social media perspective. After all the main product was their husbands.

Here are the stats:


@michelleobama 2,038, 950

@anndromney 163,108

Power/Influence ranking out of some 13.1 million

@michelleobama 122,228

@anndromney 211,721

In this case we should note Ann Romney only tweeted 71 times and Michelle Obama tweeted 726 times. Of course these accounts are run by political campaign staff. But Michelle out twitted Ann by a factor of 10:1. The republican staff clearly did not use Ann Romney.

Tip of the hat to Jimmy Kimmel. Maybe there was a debate after all?

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