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Twitter Power Obama vs Romney Is Social Media Validated. $TWIT $FB #obama #romney #twitter #socialmedia

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Politics=money this week. Sure the stock market is trading but everyone is focused on the elections. The election also will help validate the use of social media. Or maybe not. We will know Late Tuesday or early Wednesday who the next tenant of the Whitehouse will be.

But in the meantime let’s look at some social media Twitter stats. Last election Obama effectively used Twitter and won the Whitehouse. Richard Nixon lost to JFK because team JFK understood television better. Here are some Twitter stats to ponder.


@barackobama 7713

@mittromney 1333

Power/Influence rating out of some 13.1 Million

@barackobama  17,284

@mittromney 90,152


@barackobama 21,705,072

@mittromney 1,675,552


@barackobama 670,882

@mittromney 274

Yet the race is considered to be very closely contested. In fact a dead heat in many swing states. The twitter numbers are all in the super star category.

If Obama wins he can clearly state he had better twitter numbers.

If Romney wins he can clearly state he overcame a twitter disadvantage. Social media’s struggle will be to engage a large segment of the US population who does not use twitter but does vote for the most powerful man in the world. Will this commercialize and monetize. most people who are engaged in the presidential election have a few bucks to spend and attract the attention of marketers.

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