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Signs of Black Swans

I love reading posts from GMI ratings (GMI.com). They recently published a post on Black Marks on Black Swans: 16 Subtle Signs of Stocks Teetering on the Cliff

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 Here is the essence of the post:
16 Signs of High Black Swan Risk
Accounting Governance/High Risk Events
Asset Turnover Compensation: CEO /CFO Total Comp
Cost of Goods Sold/Revenue Compensation: Incentive/Total Comp, CEO & CFO
Goodwill/Total Assets Divestitures
Intangible Assets/Assets Mergers-Acquisitions
Leverage Ratio: Debt/Equity Officer Changes
Accounts Receivable/Sales Officer: Chairman is also CEO
Depreciation Expenses/PPE Share Repurchases
Operating Revenue/Operating Expense Restructuring