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Google’s Brilliant Trip to North Korea $GOOG

Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) sent Eric Schmidt to North Korea for like a fact-finding stumble about and see what comes up tour. North Korea which has played the west with missiles, starvation and maybe weapons of mass destruction hardly seems a likely market for Google. Like we are not sure there is enough electricity to plug-in.

Here’s the answer. Google made strategic errors with China and shot its foot off in the Sino market. They need to get back in somehow some way. China uses North Korea for some strange reasons. Some people keep pet snakes China keeps North Korea. Are you drawing an almost straight line here.

North Korea has a new leader with relatively less rigid idea’s. I mean he like holds his girl friends hand in public when visiting a zoo. Can you just imagine the possibilities.

So maybe just maybe the North Korea thing is a back door rapprochement with China. Something Henry Kissinger has not thought of. Anyway its worth a shot. A couple of days of travel. Nothing is five-star in North Korea so the expense accounts will not be too big.

Maybe. But I would not make a buy/sell/hold decision based on this trip. But then again Eric is still cleaning up after the two Russian boys blew off the Chinese market.

And this is how you get a trip to North Korea.

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