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$JCP enney shoots the $AAPL guy. Target hires a $YHOO guy. Just what is the fashion in retail?

JCPenney (NYSE:JCP) whacked their Apple executive who was supposed to save them. Ackman cannot pick them. Now everyone is saying Apple executives are not very good outside of the Apple eco-structure.

Take a look at Target (NYSE:TGT) They just added to the board Henrique de Castro 47 who since Nov 2012 has been the chief operating officer of Yahoo (Nasdaq:YHOO) and has been at Google (Nasdaq:GOOG), Dell and McKinsey. Now clearly he is a board member and not the quarterback. But I find the hook up of a very newly minted COO at Yahoo coming on the board of Target.

Lets take a look at the rest of Targets board. Eleven independent directors. Average age of 55 and 7.5 years of tenure.

Gregg Steinhafel 58 is the President, CEO and Chairman. He has been with Target since 1979 when he joined as a merchandising trainee. Way more solid as a quarterback than the JCPenney guy who used to be an Apple guy.

Solomon D Trujillo 60. CEO of Telstra Australian Telecom. Why an Australian?

Mary Minnick 52 Partner with Lion Capital a consumer focused Private Investment Firm. 23 year career with Coca Cola culminating in senior executive positions. Consumer and retail. Got it.

Derica W Rice 47 EVP Global Services and CFO Eli Lilly & Company. Global perspective in a highly regulated drug industry.

Mary N Dillon 50 President and CEO of US Cellular Corp Wireless Telecom. Previously EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s. Burgers, cell phones they’re all consumable right.

Anne Mulcahy 59 Former Chairman and CEO of Xerox. Director of Washington Post and J&J. One of the longest-serving directors. Some logic to replace just to prevent staleness on the board.

Calvin Darden 62. Real Estate Development now. but was SVP of US operations for United Parcel Services. Gets the facilities and logistics for on-line fulfillment.

Roxanne Austin 51 is currently the President of Austin Investment advisors since 2004. Professional investor who can empathize with investor concerns.

James Johnson 68 Vice Chairman of Perseus a Merchant Banking Private equity firm. Also a director of Goldman Sachs Group. At the age of 68 with 13 years of tenure on the board he is probably a candidate for replacement in the near future.

John G Stumpf 58 Chair, President and CEO of Wells Fargo. Full time CEO. Does he really have the time to pay attention to Target.

Douglas Baker 54 24 year veteran of Ecolab where he is now President and CEO.

The board has clear strengths on retail/consumer with a smattering of financial engineering. Three active duty CEO or COO probably find themselves short for time but the CEO is a seasoned merchant.

This group has figured out a way to include the very new Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo onto the board. Very different from the JCPenney experience.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.