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Remaining Useful Life of Directors $SPY

How long do directors last on Boards of publicly traded companies. Some stay on for  twenty years and become very entrenched if not irrelevant. I am researching a predictive formula that calculates the remaining useful life of an independent director.

I calculate the average age of the board and the average tenure as a director. Some 59 years olds have been on the board for seven years or more. Some 72 year olds have been recently elected. Add the two averages together. Compare the number to the sum of a directors age and his/her tenure on the board. If they are above or well above the average the clock is ticking and they will be replaced shortly.

With the march of time the oldsters will drop out. With high tenures boards will be looking for a refresh as they need new skills and perspectives.

Not 100% perfect but worth noting.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.