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Alcoa Strange Social Media Follows $AA @alcoa #socialmedia #SEO

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) follows some strange twitter accounts on its twitter feed under @alcoa. Look at who they have chosen to follow. At about 4217. Most of them are predictable. Politicians, Environmentalists, Business and Political Media. They follow judiciously as they should to track social commentary about themselves.

But who decides who to follow and what are the policies. Here are just a few that seem well like they have nothing to do with Aluminium.

Dominos Pizza

Tiger Woods

Martha Stewart

Lenos Garage (Yeah the talk show guy. But no Letterman or Fallon could be found)

StarbucksJobs (really)

A lot of the Mad Men Characters

Food Network

Whole Food

and last but not least

CharlizeAfrica which of course is Charlize Theron who is South African.

Just saying. As you try to understand an investment and observe their social media behaviour “Whats that all about”?

They have about 11,119 followers. When you net out media, environmentalists, competitors and those who they have business dealings with not too many investors following them.

Social Media is still in its infancy. But it is bizarre

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.