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Booz Allen Hamilton Directors are Compromised $BAH Who Else is Screwed?

Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE:BAH) is enmeshed in one big political scandal. but that goes with the terrain when you are a very huge government defense contractor. So basically an underling of Booz Allen was working with the NSA and had insights into the power of the technology being used.

Did Booz Allen Hamilton as a corporation have the same insights. Me thinks the Board of Directors will be tainted. Maybe they did not know all the details but other companies where they serve or might serve will find it difficult to accept these guys. They helped compromise telecommunications records on behalf of Uncle Sam. Patriotism aside what about the legal liability of having or bringing on board directors who oversaw a company involved in “Black Ops”. We’ll le the lawyers  argue over the legal niceties.

Anyway if I was shopping for a director I would steer clear of these guys for a while. Lets take a look at some of them and she which pies they have fingers in.

Philip Odeen 76; Was chairman and lead director of AES. Was chairman and director of Convergys. director of QinitiQ North America and ASC Signal. Former chairman of Avaya and former director of both Reynolds & Reynolds as well as Northrop Gruman. The man retired as chairman and CEO of TRW in Dec 2002. This guy is not getting on but he definitely understood the technology and what was being exploited.

Ralph Shrader 68; President, chairman and CEO since 2008. corporate governance experts cringe at the concentration of authority. Past chairman of Armed forces Communications and Electronics Association. Hmm!

Samuel Strickland 62; Executive Vice President,  Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer and board director know a lot about the operational issues of BAH. Did he keep silent when attending board meetings.  He would have been the boards best link to internal operations. Samuel Strickland also sits on the board for Inova Health Services.

Charles Rossotti 71; Senior Advisor to Carlyle Group, Former Commissioner of IRS from 1997 to 2002, co-founder of American Management Systems, Director of Primatics Financial, Quorum Management Solutions, Bank of America, Apollo Global, AES Corporation, Merrill Lynch 2004-2008 and Compusearch Software 2005-2010

Mark Gaumond 61; retired from Ernst Young as Senior Vice chair for America’s. 27 year partner Arthur Anderson. On the board of Rayonier and fisher Island Developments.

Arthur Johnson 65; retired as SVP for Corporate Strategic Developments Lockheed Martin Corp in 2009. extensive IT experience with IBM, Loral Corporation. director of ACC Resources, Eaton Corp, independent trustee of Fidelity Investments was director of Delta Airlines and Ikon Solutions.

Ian Fujiyama has been with Carlyle Group since 1997. He is a managing director there and also on board of ARINC.

Peter Clare 47 is a managing director of Carlyle Group and has been there since 1992. he is the co-head of US Buy Out Group. he has been a director of Wesco from 2006-2012. currently a director of Commscope and ARINC.

Alan Holt 60; with Carlyle since 1992 and currently is a partner and managing director. Co-head of US Buy Out Group focusing on several sectors including technology and telcom/media. Was a director of Fairchild imaging from 2001-2011 and HD supply from 2007-2012.

So lots of director with excellent knowledge of technology. Lots of directors well plugged into the Washington Power Grid. As a group did or did they not know how their client the US Government was using the technology. Because a very young 20 something whistle-blower figured it out.

Humpty Dumty is having a big fall

How many horses and how many of the King’s men will it take to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. I assume this blog post will be picked up in this massive surveillance thing.