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Starbuck’s Gun Control Hypocrisy. Read and Sip this. $SBUX $KKD $DNKN

Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) just brewed up a non fat no gun latte. In case you haven’t heard SBUX doesn’t want you to bring your guns into the stores. Your gun and their caffeine not going to work out.

So a few points to consider. First the NRA member is not an important demographic for Starbucks. Not sure where the NRA gets their coffee but it’s probably either Dunkin Donuts (Nasdaq: DNKN) or Krispy Kreme (NYSE:KKD)

Starbucks just branded itself as anti gun and anti violence. After the Washington DC shootings by a gunman with obvious mental health issues Starbucks wants people to feel safe. The hypocrisy of it all is that crazed gun men are just that “crazed gunman”. They will not pay attention to the rules as Starbucks lays them out. Crazed gunman pay attention to the voices in their heads.

For all you know the gun free policy may annoy a gun crazed individual who gets tired of extra sprinkles on their premium coffee.

Soon Starbuck’s has to go back and compete in the coffee market again.

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