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Twitter the new virgin. Can you Sleep with her? $TWIT $FB $LNKD

Twitter is coming. Twitter is coming. All hail Twitter. So probably on Nasdaq and probably $TWIT as a stock symbol. Nasdaq must redeem itself because a lot of people remember the Facebook (Nasdaq:FB) fiasco and still remember their lawyers telephone number.

The hype is not as crazy  as it was for Facebook; which in retrospect was completely unnecessary. Before everyone pretends they understand the fundamentals of Twitter and social media consider the playful activities of your favourite hedge fund. Long Twitter short Facebook. Just like Apple and Blackberry used to be. Before they both imploded. Hey that can happen you know. Stock markets are risky.

Facebook has experienced an insane run up and probably does not have the fundamentals to back it up. So correction time approaches. Twitter is like the new virgin and everyone wants to sleep with her. We’ll be tolerant for the initial stages because its new and excites us way more than Facebook.

With Facebook we have finished our post coital cigarette and are looking for the next thing.

So it’ll be Wham Bam thank you Mam.

This will be the new pairing just like chocolate and wine. Watch the long short action it’ll drive more than fundamentals for a while to come.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. Follow him on Twitter @financialskepti

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