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Desperate Acronyms from Lipper $TRI #BRIC, #MIST, #PENS, #VIVA

In the Good Grief category Lipper Services is musing about new acronyms in the marketplace. Goldman Sachs analyst Jim O’Neill penned BRIC’s for Brazil, Russia, India and China. the term became universal. Goldman went on to coin MIST representing Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey. MIST has not really caught on the same way.

Now Lipper is suggesting PENS Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa as well as VIVA Vietnam, Israel, Venezuela and Argentina.  They’re hoping that STUPOR does not catch on. Slovenia, Thailand, Ukraine, Peru, Oman and Romania.

Branding ETF’s is beginning to sound like branding for Yoga Pants and other consumer products. Excess?

George Gutowski writes from a Caveat Emptor Perspective.