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Bear Case Scenario for Boeing $BA, $LMT, $GD, $EADSY, $RYCEY, $SAFRY

Boeing (NYSE:BA) is coming out with earnings results shortly. Follow this Bear Case Scenario as you ponder management remarks.

As Lockheed ramps up F-35 production Boeing’s share in the global fighter jet market is poised to decline.

Airbus was first to market with the next-gen single-aisle aircraft, the A320neo. Its first-mover advantage has allowed it to take nearly 60% of the orders, and Boeing’s 737-MAX’s later launch may be too late to recapture market share. Boeing needs a way to blow away the first move advantage if its to reclaim the lead.

Boeing’s defense business will shrink and suffer as Uncle Sam cuts defense spending. It’s just that simple.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.