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Bear Case Scenario for Sohu $SOHU, $GOOG, $BIDU, $FB, $TCTZF, $TWTR, $YHOO

Sohu.com (Nasdaq:SOHU) is about to release earnings. An important internet player in China; results are watched closely. Ponder this Bear Case Scenario as you listen to management comments.

Sohu faces established portals such as Sina and Tencent, but also a growing number of vertical sites and social networking sites. Many players, not sure which ones will dominate soon.

On line gaming in China is increasingly attracting regulatory concern. Chinese citizens are complaining of losses and want politicians to do something.

Brand advertising is ultra-competitive. Buckle up this is a fist fight.

Video advertising is competitive and crowded. It needs constantly increasing amounts of capital which can only be played for so long until a winner takes all.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.