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Retailers Force their Bear Case Scenario $XRT, $COST, $M, $WMT, $TGT, $JCP, $DDS, $KSS

Retailers are bemoaning the cold weather and complaining the spending public did not get out of the house. They missed one of the best natural market drivers that could have accelerated sales. Polar vortex. every weather man was a sales person.

With every cold weather alert hold a massive sale on sweaters, mitts, scarves, warm pyjamas and the rest of it. If you’re Saks and Nordstrom put you fur coats on sales. Those trophy wives are not a stupid as they look. It is better to look good then feel good.

Humour and money are powerful. Throw in some hot chocolate and special prizes for those hardy enough to brave the cold and you’ll have a stampede. Just for fun offer bags of ice just for faux balance.

But no your top merchandisers failed and your shareholders are suffering. How long will it take investors to demand good performance in cold weather. Door crashers say a free $1,000 to the first 1,000 coming to a mall. Is it so hard or is the industry incompetent? I’m thinking incompetent.

Retailers need to hire some Canadians, Scandinavians and don’t forget to interview every Alaskan you can find.

Marking down cashmere sweaters in record cold weather is not acceptable.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.