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President Obama Bear Case Scenario with Comrade Putin $BIK, $BKF, $EEB, $QQQ, $DJX, $SPX, $XLF, $SPY

President Obama is scrambling for options over Crimea. Some long-term cards look good. Stop importing energy from Russia. But Europe must do this. Basically Putin is a KGB bully who has never lost a fight in the school yard and therefore is prone to miscalculation.

The G8 meeting in Sochi is all but dead. Can you imagine the other G7 leaders showing up and saying what they are thinking. Putin doesn’t need that but would find it hard to walk out in his own country.

Europe will be at the forefront of effective trade sanctions against Russia. North America and other oil rich countries will need to increase production to compensate for Russian supply. I believe this will happen in a stealthy fashion and the Russians will one day wake up to pathetic export revenues.

The rest of the world will need to increase imports from Europe to compensate. So maybe the prize of a Benz or Beemer will come down some?

Obama’s short-term problem is getting respect from Putin. Probably through fear as Putin in a bully mentality only respects raw power. Obama needs to overcome the Edward Snowdon issue. Obama needs to overcome the Syria and Chemical weapons trump card that Putin played.

Obama needs a way to kick Putin in the balls so that he is gasping for air and no one dares come to his assistance.

That means financial consequences so that Russia cannot move money around on the world stage and further their agenda. Buckle up if Obama is going to redeem himself, and he has to, this will be a rumble to remember.

The Berlin Air Lift was successful.

George  Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.