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Twitter Analytics Miss the Mark. Twitter Metrics for @financialskepti $STUDY, $TWTR, $GOOG, $LNKD, #SEO

Spending some time reviewing Twitter Analytics reveals a blizzard of numbers and no particular insights. A few points about the Twitter Feed associated with this blog.

87% Male and 13% Female says volumes about female participation in the financial and investment world. What can I say? Not sure if that is good or bad!

Top five cities include Seoul Korea but leave out Chicago, London and Toronto. Hmm.

More followers in California than New York State. But top city is NYC which slightly beats out Los Angeles and San Francisco combined.  All three are in the top five. Surprise!

Top states are California, New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, Virginia and then Pennsylvania.

No cities from Texas or Florida figure prominently. I presume the New Jersey following is an extension of NYC. The Texans must be out on a ranch somewhere.

If Illinois registers but Chicago does not at lot of investors identify with the Chicago suburbs in a none windy city way.

Virginia has money and lots of government regulators. I think know they’re watching me.

Philly comes in as the fifth US city which explains Pennsylvania. Nothing wrong with that.

For some reason numbers for Boston and Connecticut seem small. I don’t think I’m in with the Harvard crowd. Hedge fund tax refugees in Connecticut may be identifying as NYC just to fool tax police. Then again Harvard and Hedge Funds know everything already so why follow someone.

After the US most followers are from Canada, UK, Korea, Australia and Germany in that order. I only write in English but Korean and German investors spend time following me. 20% of followers are from other countries not mentioned.

Most Canadian followers are from Ontario and BC. No significant following from Quebec which is French-speaking but had an substantial English Speaking Business Community in Montreal. Oh I just remembered most of them moved to Toronto a long time ago. Calgary which is the energy capital of Canada does not yet register, but Texas shows up prominently in the US numbers.

Twitter analytics are interesting. I write and Twit about the stock market. If you are going to tell me my followers are investors from large cities which have substantial financial sector employment big deal. That’s not surprising. Give me something to work with.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.