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Tesla is there a Bear Case Scenario $TSLA, $F, $GM, $TM, $VLKPY, $DDAIY, $FIATY

Tesla is about to release earnings. Is there a Bear Case Scenario or is it just clear sailing ahead.

Tesla is attempting to be a disruptor and not just another auto manufacturer. Just as the horse and buggy crowd resisted those new fangled cars. Tesla will be resisted by the conventional automotive crowd and their political lackeys. The horse and buggy crowd almost won at several points before the proposition became so compelling it could not be resisted. Despite out energy and pollution concerns the electric car is still not as compelling as it needs to be.

Personally I thing Tesla should give every Senator and every Governor a demonstration model and then let the car be raffled off for charity. You have to break through big. Political obstacles still abound in an otherwise enlightened society.

Most auto companies have large truck divisions which keep generated profits. Tesla will need to challenge this strategic construct to seriously weaken the power of auto companies. Trucks are bought more on economic utility values. The electric vs petroleum costs need to be compelling to the truck buyer. Tesla is nowhere in trucks.

Tesla will need to disrupt electrical utilities which cannot or will not deal with the surge in electrical demand at night while most vehicles are re-charging. Solar panels anyone.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.