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Zillow the Bear Case Scenario $Z, $SWPFF, $HLDVF, $WARFY, $SURDF, $XLF, $ITB, $IYR

Zillow is about to release earnings. Ponder the Bear Case Scenario and see if the long hold is warranted.

Zillow provides real estate and housing information. They react to demand by providing a service. They cannot generate interest in real estate and housing ownership. They have provided some technological innovations making it easier.

Until they develop some avatars that are useful at sales they will just be a sideshow in the housing world. In the meantime interest rates, general and local housing demands/trends, general employment and disposable income all drive housing demand.

Zillow just flaps in the wind reacting. There must be a better way to play the real estate market.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.