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Amazon Black Swan Event. The Coming Smartphone Debacle $AMZN, $GOOG, $AAPL, $MSFT, $YHOO, $SSNLF, $XLF, $V, $MA, $AXP

Amazon is about to launch a smart phone. They go bravely where many have failed before including Google and Microsoft. What will they offer that will be compelling and cannot be copied quickly?

Amazon is a merchant. Apple and Samsung make phones which are internet enabled. Amazon has several proprietary apps notably the Kindle for books. Amazon must defend itself against thieves and incursions. Apple and Samsung do not seem to be a front line defense against hackers. Hackers want to get into something and steal.

Amazon needs to become a payment source and draw in e-commerce. Visa and MasterCard currently rule the world with expensive merchant fees. Amazon can  should disrupt payment systems and replace the big bad rapacious banks who have gouged businesses.

Because another phone with a great screen is not what the world is waiting for. It is not what will dethrone Apple or Samsung. And if Amazon cannot dethrone Apple and Samsung it will be just another device which sells to a few quirky customers who are not economically significant.

Show me the money.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.