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BlackBerry Black Swan Scenario Hacker Target of Choice $BBRY, $AAPL, $CSCO, $AMZN, $NOK, $ERIXF, $XLF, $SSNLF

BlackBerry is about to release earnings. Behold the Black Swan floating close by.

BlackBerry has been beat up is there something left. The Z10 seems to become overwhelmed and just reboots at the worst possible time; when you want to use it. It does not have the eco-system of apps as it lost its cool. It does seem to be allying itself with Amazon in some degree but we will wait and see.

BlackBerry has never been criticized for security making it a favourite in the corporate crowd who buy big volumes and settle monthly bills promptly.

BlackBerry is transitioning away from front end cool Apple like smart phones to back-end services where they should rule. Emphasis on should rule. They will now interact with several other partners whereas before they just dealt with a closed loop and were responsible unto themselves. This is a new paradigm. The culture is used to being a master in their own house. They will need to learn new ways of making friends.

While BlackBerry has an excellent rep in security as they grow closer to e-commerce they will be dealing with large amounts of currency and physical goods. Most banks have experienced security breaches. Most merchandisers have also experienced security breaches not to mention traditional inventory shrink as items disappear.

BlackBerry will become the hacker target of choice as the deep internet discerns its role in on-line commerce.

The CIA and KGB may have confidence in BlackBerry. But the Red Chinese Army unit that specializes in cyber-warfare will see it as the next target to be subverted.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.