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Bear Case Scenario for Google $GOOG, $YHOO, $MSFT, $BABA, $XLK, $VGT

Google is about to release earnings. Ponder the bear Case Scenario:

Google is 80% search. No one else is even close. It’s not a question of competition. It’s a question of disruptive technologies. Some one somewhere, in a garage perhaps, has a very very good idea. That’s how Google got on the map. That’s how Google will be erased from the map.

Google has spent billions on acquisitions but has yet to prove that they are meeting the cost of capital. They are trying to buy the next thing but cannot make it work financially.

Google revamped share capital structure forces shareholders to vote with their feet as they have no power in selecting Board Members or voting on shareholder resolutions.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.


One thought on “Bear Case Scenario for Google $GOOG, $YHOO, $MSFT, $BABA, $XLK, $VGT

  1. Google has plans to.revolutionize everything. I need Google to miss earnings so their shares become somewhat affordable. For a company that never cares about wall street and their ethos to never split stock as per bershire Hathaway, they seem to be doing a poor job at the keeping.to their past promises

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