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Bear Case Scenario Netflix $NFLX, $CMCSA, $DTV, $NPSNY, $DIS, $PBS, $SOCL

Netflix releases earnings shortly. Ponder the Bear Case Scenario.

Netflix beloved as it is relies on bandwidth. Most internet access providers are looking for ways to tariff this activity. Cable companies is particular are competing with lots of useless low viewership channels and are desperate to protect their model. Expect some sparring. However cable snipping is driven by offerings like Netflix not because the cable content is really cool.

Netflix is competing for content and may be over paying. Although whatever they paid Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright for House of Cards seems appropriate.

Much future growth will come from outside of North America. Local political issues may abound. In the western world Netflix is disruptive technology in a liberal capitalist frame work. In other markets with crony capitalism and protected cultural enclaves … well lets just say its a very different game.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.