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Bear Case Scenario for Facebook $FB, $TWTR, $SOCL, $LNKD, $XLK, $SINA, $BABA, $BIDU, $RENN

Facebook is about to release earnings. Ponder the Bear Case Scenario:

The PE multiple is ridiculous. Like in the 90 range. Something is not sustainable. Facebook cannot soak up every advertising dollar.

Laws and regulations may prove to be more than speed bumps. While regulators may be looked at with disdain they have a way of extracting their revenge with costly process and requirements.

Can you imagine Christopher Columbus needing to prove that the voyage was safe.

Many advertisers are requiring closer correlation to sales results.

Not sure if the algorithms are structured properly. I keep getting useless ads for non starter offers while tracking my families different activities and exploits.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.