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Bull Case Scenario for Zynga. Can You Believe $ZNGA, $FB

Zynga is the world’s leading developer of games for social media. All the big boys use them. Facebook, Google Play. They have heft and scope which is hard to replicate. Their games appeal to a wide spectrum of users from innocent pass the time boredom to casino style games. As long as you and your friends like each other you can play.

Zynga operates on a variety of social media. They are constantly exposed to potential users. The various media cross pollinate one another. Maybe you heard of it on Twitter. Saw it on Facebook and play it on Google Play. What counts is that they have you hooked in and engaged.

The user experience is mildly addictive. The games are scalable to volume. The more that play the higher potential revenues. The stock is priced like an option that can go to the moon.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.