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Marissa Mayer Yahoo Plan B $YHOO, $BABA, $GOOG

Ok So Marissa is doing a stealth decimation. Weekly Yahoo HR takes over a bunch of board rooms and a group of  traumatized employees are excommunicated and released from any and all obligations Yahoo. Especially of the pay cheque variety.

Yahoo needs to cut costs. No secret. Marketplace looking for leadership from executive team. Slow short stokes have never done it; so why will it now?

Common sense and HR thinking in a rare intersection advocates you do one big day of execution and move forward with the survivors. Psychologically the wait is disturbing and pseudo survivors are not productive otherwise.

Cut to the bone. Motivate survivors and move on.

Marissa Mayer was hired for her skills as an engineer. She was not hired as an axe wielding cost cutter. Perhaps this is why we have a stealth decimation.

Is Marissa Mayer afraid to jump in the water and feel an invigorating change in body  temperature? She is afraid of something. Shedding headcount wholesale is a time-honoured but not guaranteed way to cut costs. So why pull your punches.

Because she is not sure this will really work. So its done in the back rooms quietly. Someone promised the board that she can turn Yahoo around. Cutting staff was not what they were thinking.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls for it tolls for thee.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.