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Will Democrats Squeeze Wall Street $SPY, and $DJX, $QQQl

Bernie Saunders wants to whip and punish Wall Street. He is an old school socialist who redistributes wealth through confiscation err I mean taxation. [pretty close right] If Hilary prevails over Bernie which I think she will,she will probably take a page or two from Bernie and start taxing Wall Street as in starting a transaction tax on every buy and sell. Don’t worry it will start small but it will fund a lot of federal programs. Lots of Vaseline and soothing gentle words.

But Hilary is taking money from Wall Street. Sure she is and this is how she will sell it. I’m not  taxing Wall Street. Your customers will pay it much like customers pay taxes when they put gas in their cars. The consumer is taxed not the oil industry. They just help collect it.

So if Hilary takes the White House expect a tax on every trade big and small. If every share traded in NYSE, Nasdaq, CBOE, and Bond Market were taxed a penny just imagine how much money would be flowing in.

I think this can beat the economics of marijuana and might even get the plumbing changed in Flint Michigan.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.