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Donald Trump Next President; Who Be the Veep? $SPX, $DJX

Donald Trump seems to have a firm grip on one third of the Republican Party. Those that respond to simple messages and those that have been hurt the most by job losses because of global influences [read free trade and low wages] Most of these constituents do not follow or understand the financial and stock markets. Many are unfortunately poorly educated and without serious skills which explains why it was so simple to take them out of the equation. But I digress.

Trump has broken the rules, broken most rules no broken all the rules and needs to keep moving. He needs to add to his band of disgruntled followers. A break out move would be to appoint Ben Carson as his Vice President. Ben carries around 8% support roughly which would help put Trump on top. More importantly it would allow the Republican Team to challenge the Clinton Machine with its huge reliance on the Black vote.  You do not need to capture the entire black vote. Closely fought states sometimes swing on just a few points and that’s what Ben Carson brings to the table a few points which incrementally may seal victory.

Message to stock market. Trump as he tries to make America Great again will not look to tear down Wall Street. They play too much golf, buy luxury condo’s and so on which has put great wealth in Trump’s pocket.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.