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Coming Political Disaster Credit Cards $DFS, $COF, $XLF, $AXP, $V, $MA

OK so it’s probably Donald and Hillary; both from New York. Hillary needs to keep riding the Bernie Sanders wave of blame Wall Street for everything. Trump needs to keep his disgruntled base alive. No one likes their credit cards company. No one likes to pay. No one likes the sneaky rules that entrap many credit card users. Frequently intelligent people as well.

Credit Card companies have been doing quite nicely. They would be easy bashing for both Donald and Hillary. No re-election worries for four years so let’s kick the crap out of them before the lobbyist reminds you of stuff.

But in the the mean time it will look bad for credit cards. Just remember bulls markets are born on pessimism.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.