Trump Ultimately Will Defend West Coast Over South Korea. $GLD, $VIX, $EWY

Military option in Korea frets about possible destruction in South Korea. North Korea has conventional artillery which can bombard Seoul.

But when America thinks North Korea can hit San Francisco with an ICBM they will push whatever button is necessary to protect America.

Sorry about Seoul.

Financial Skeptic writes from a caveat emptor perspective. Only the paranoid survive.

Chop Stick Danger Will Korean Thing Blow Up Asian Valuations $EWY, $FXI, $XCH, $VIX

No one knows how the Korean thing will play out.  Stubborn players are normally removed violently.  Many investors who found investments in China and Korea need to take a sober second look.

Conventional artillery from North Korea can wreck havoc in Seoul and surroundings.  China while large does not have unlimited resources. Chinese leadership is very engineering oriented.  They have not designed for a huge refugee crisis.  Their system will be compromised. Not destroyed but it could easily take a step or two back.

If valuations are present value of future earnings and future earnings will stumble therefore…

Financial Skeptic writes from a caveat emptor perspective. Only the paranoid survive.

Walk Into Buzz Saw Danger Ahead $VIX, $SPY, $GLD, $QQQ, $DJX

Markets are very expensive but continue to tip toe towards disaster.  Earnings season coming with not always good news. All we need is a good catalyst for a serious correction. Hmm let me look at the Black Swans floating around.

The market hates uncertainty.  The Korean thing with nuclear weapons of mass destruction is good enough.  North Korea is a one trick pony. They only know one way.  Trump has deputized the Chinese to fix it.

It will not be pretty. The Chinese will probably throw in a few twists. North Korea will scratch back.

Buckle up. Black Swans floating near you

Financial Skeptic.  Only the paranoid survive.