Saudi Solution to Khashoggi Problem $VIX, $QQQ, $SPY, $GLD, $DJX, $OIL #trump

Saudi Crown Prince MBS ordered Khashoggi execution. CIA says so. Still need Saudi’s in fight against Iran. Do not need MBS. Saudi Arabian Kingdom of Saud has many competing interests. Treachery is an established weapon. Watch for an assassination, a successful assassination. Clear the decks fresh start keep trying to kill Persians and selected terrorists. American and western hands are clean very clean. House of Saud sustains itself. Come on haven’t you ever watched House of Cards. Question is when.

American Shame $QQQ, $SPY, $DJX, $SHLDQ

Today what was once a symbol of American greatness probably enters liquidation. Sears is recommending its own liquidation. Tens of thousands of employees lost jobs, suppliers not getting paid, pension plans gutted, investors less than happy. Tales of woe all around.

Metaphor of the middle class. Hollowed out, abused, over burdened and screwed over. Nothing left but to dispose of the remains.

Caveat emptor hedge funds your spread sheets lie.

Sex and the Stock Market $QQQ, $VIX, $SPY, $GLD

Stock market investing is like sex with an established partner. Sometimes you get a love bite out of nowhere. You look deep into your partners eyes and see something different. Exciting, possibly dangerous but very different than last time. Yes you became complacent and assumed too much. Now you are past hickey as blood seeps out of you.