#Trump makes #Bezos richer. Read How. $AMZN, $WMT, $XRT, $M

Trump hates Bezos. He is not a friend of Amazon. Lots of hard feelings because Amazon eats everything. Trump has to be brooding. Remember Big Oil.  Rockefeller. Standard Oil. Trustbusters. Big Oil was broken up into several companies. At the time it was not viewed well. Over time the broken up companies have created enormous wealth.

Bezos is on such a roll.


Fat,Ugly. Not a 10 anymore $VIX, $QQQ, $GLD

Up down and around. The market is psychotic. In layman’s terms the market is fat and ugly. In the words of the president “she is not a Ten anymore”.

More metaphors if you chase too many girls you might catch something that’s very awkward and makes your doctor shake his/her head.

Wal-Mart vs Amazon. You kidding me? $WMT, $AMZN, $QQQ

OK so there is a narrative that Wal-Mart is giving battle to Amazon in on-line retailing.  Do you believe that?  Amazon is a technology company that organically develops tech driven opportunities. Wal-Mart is an old school retailer who is buying technology to compete.  While everyone buys Wal-Mart is just stumbling into on line because they are big in physical space.  Amazon actually understands what their engineers are doing. Well, relatively speaking.  The clan in Arkansas is based on trust funds and professional third parties. Just not the same drivers in play.

Wal-Mart will get a few wins because of its size. It’s perspective is still yellow happy faces and low prices. This can be beaten.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.

WalMart Takes Market to Moon $WMT, $SPY

Wall Mart lifted the market because of good earnings. Really.  This tired big box that thinks its going somewhere in on line retail doesn’t have the clout to sustainably move the market. It was just an excuse. Someone had some spare gas which they threw onto a bonfire and watched a dangerous spike.  The American economy is not in that good shape. Otherwise retail in general would be better not just Wal Mart.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. 

$GE Derails its Choo Choo Division

General Electric wants to divest its locomotive division. Hmm Warren Buffett makes big bets on trains. Locomotives equal productivity in trains so lets get rid of it.  Definitely gives you a tell as to what GE is not thinking about as it looks for ways to return to the glory years when everything it touched turned to gold.

Siemens maybe?

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.