#SoftwoodLumber Dispute Solved $WOOD, $TSLA, $SCTY

The softwood lumber dispute is suffering from the law of unintended consequences. Long a trade irritant between Canada and the United States it seemed to never move beyond the argument stage.

Now Elon Musk throws in new roof tiles that create energy, last a life time and can melt snow. Very cost effective. Check out the rationale for merging Tessa and Solar City. 

Why would a home owner want a roof made from softwood lumber. Both American and Canadian lumber has a problem.  

The roof tiles will go a long way to meeting green energy objectives.

Too bad about labour and small business on both sides of the border totally screwed on the softwood side.  Hope the solar jobs offset. 

Caveat Emptor Perspective

Trump as Chief Wire Brush and Stock Market Opportunities $SPY, $VIX

Trump was elected by a disgruntled electorate who lost faith in conventional leadership. He is the proverbial wire brush hired to clean things out.  Best places to invest. America. Something Warren Buffett has been saying for decades.

Lower American taxes means higher American spending. Trick wil be to improve employment. Next wave of factories will be highly robotic. Bad news for uneducated white male who did not finish high school.  Bad news for Black Youth with chronically high unemployment rates. 

Caveat Emptor Perspective. 

Amazon Murders Wal-Mart $WMT, $AMZN

Wal-Mart is fighting to maintain an on-line presence and fight off Amazon.  The Walton family should be worried. I’m expect some of the youngins might be wanting to sell.

Wal-Mart does rule bricks and mortar for now in selected parts of the world.  They are buying technology to catch up. Highly unlikely this configuration of Board Directors and executives really know how to manage technology and on-line.

Quite simply Amazon does and so do several other companies.

Oh and another thing Wal-Mart has about $7.7 Billion in cash and alike. Amazon has a private ATM with $16.5 Billion and no obligations to family trusts and dear old aunts.

Strategic things are sometimes that simple.