More Reasons for Facebook’s Demise. The child’s play dynamic. $FB $LNKD $GOOG $TWIT $YHOO

On a personal note; [personal notes being the only one’s that really count] I have become a grandfather for the second time. The family Facebook pages are full of baby pictures and nice family comments. There is joy in the house and all branches of the family tree.

Facebook with its vaunted advertising machine serves up advertising for an eaves trough product that blocks out falling leaves. No baby products or anything else remotely appropriate.

So special note to Mark Zuckerberg. My new-born grand-daughter does not as yet own any real estate in her own name. It will be some time before she takes an interest in property management issues.

There are lots of other compelling product offers that I and family would be willing to consider. But you seem to be missing it. Hmm $50 @ share plus. Not a candidate for the education fund. Grand Dad may take the responsibility for shorting the stock. The risk is too much for a new-born. Or is it child’s play?

I must admit to renewed insights in diapers and infant clothing.

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$GOOG fathered advertising duopoly. Gouge customers the new normal $MSFT $YHOO $AOL #onlineads

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

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Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), Yahoo (Nasdaq:YHOO) and AOL (NYSE:AOL) have all banded together to sell ads on each others sites to compete against, wait for it, Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) While there may be some selling efficiencies we now have officially created a duopoly.

Duopolies are very price inefficient. A lot of me too-ism develops. Cost conscious advertisers will not see a notable difference in offerings. Everyone settles in for a nice game of gouge the customer. Look for more but useless government inquiries into online advertising costs.

Advertisers will need to revolt. Major advertisers will need to form venture capital pools to buy into the next Facebook, Twitter or whatever. That way they can control their spends and develop strategic positions.

Disclosure: George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. It’s all about the Black Swans. I hold no positions in stocks mentioned in this post. I have no plans to initiate new positions within the next 72 hours.