Amazon Drones May Crash and Burn while Google Robot Trucks Deliver $AMZN, $GOOG, $TSLA, $FDX, $UPS, $DPSGY, $SAMS Inc as we all know pulled a great publicity stunt and announced delivery by drone coming soon just a soon as technology and regulators allow it. A little bit too Star Trekkie for me. Consider this:

A customer lives in a high-rise condo. How do you deliver to a specific condo?

A customer has been receiving products at work because someone is always in the accept. how do you deliver to a high-rise office.

Just how many of these things will we need. Right now a delivery truck can easily take care of 200 customers during a day. Trucks are loaded at night and drivers roll in the early morning deploying as the urban traffic patterns allow. Consumer deliveries at night are not feasible.

Half hour delivery or its free is tough. Just ask any pizza operator. Or watch a pizza delivery guy in traffic ahead of you. It’s dangerous.

What about urban guerilla warfare. How many geeks and techs will hack the airwaves and pirate the shipments. If the mob can high-jack a tractor-trailer of goods the mob will learn how to high jack drones. Not to mention bored but brilliant teenagers who will just try to shoot them down.

I’m putting my money on Google with its driver-less cars. Add in some Tesla green tech and you have trucks that can deliver. The drones will be robots that can bring from truck to doorway.

Oh and there’s always the terrorists who will deliver a small but lethal package right to the Whitehouse and god only knows where else. Free shipping it beats high jacking jumbo jets and all that airport security stuff.

If you thought Apple Inc, Samsung and Google had global patent lawsuits going FedEx, UPS and DHL will not sit back and let Amazon take this one over.

Amazon to capture book reviews with Washington Post $AMZN $NYT

Jeff Bezos using some loose change he found in one of his coats bought the Washington Post. Old news. Everyone believes he is positioning himself for political power. Which might be somewhat correct.

But consider this speculation in the world of publishing. the old system had gate keepers and middlemen who did quite well. Publishers, editors, agents who would score very nicely with best sellers and near best sellers.

Entire Amazon and disrupt the industry to the point where many of the old school are utterly confused and have no vision. They cannot even pick JK Rowling out of the slush pile when given the opportunity.

One of the gate keepers has been the best seller lists maintained by the large newspapers. NY Times best seller list being the gold standard. This item is not under the control of Amazon and focuses on big dog authors doing big dog sales.

The indie market is much bigger. More hamburger is sold than filet minion.  But NY Times is not about hamburger.

Amazon just bought out Goodreads a few months ago.

Watch for a repurposing at Washington Post to match Amazons publishing ambitions and bringing more independent authors to the lime light. This is make it more compelling to read Washington Post and drive sales at Amazon.

But I’m just speculating. But it does create a virtuous circle of self sustaining activity which otherwise did not exist. The literary sections of many papers have been labours of love and chronically unprofitable. Watch for changes.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.

Amazon Artistic Noise as it Reaches Higher Highes. Beware the Hype $AMZN $BID

Amazon (Nasdaq:AMZN) punches its way into new territory. Technical traders are all chanting go-go-go. But when a stock is charting new territory it sure helps to put out some fundamental news bit that makes it look like amazon will continue to take over the world.

So today the story circulates about Amazon taking over the staid art world and becoming an on-line auction house supposedly competing with Christie’s (LON:CTG) and Sotheby’s (NYSE:BID)  and such. Through some uber big numbers out there and investors will take the stroke and bid up the shares.

But really lets take a look at Amazons disruptive powers. Amazon can sell a $40 hard bound book more effectively than traditional bookstores. Readers get same product at cheaper price and better convenience. OK Got that.

Traditional auction houses have networks of specialist well versed in art. Trained and experienced. They know where the buyers are. It’s the ultimate data base fueled by old school shoulder rubbing networking. Same cocktail parties see and be seen. Make a splash. Galleries will nurture new talent. Can you imagine Amazon having an opinion on a piece of art. Art is like venture capital. Back the right artist and make lots of money.

So far Amazon has no game. When you buy and sell art in the seven figures no one cares if your platform is cloud based. It’s about the art. So Amazon may have some back room technologies which they can license  to galleries but that’s about it. Oh by the way. Amazon collects data; a lot of data. Some art collectors do not want data collected on them. Know what I mean. Amazon may just be the kiss of death that keeps away cheque books.

So boys and girls its hype today. This is not a fundamental change for Amazon. but it just might get you to buy a little bit more for what you think is a good new reason.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.