Campbell Soup Halal Problems

Campbell Soup Company

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Campbell Soup (CPB) seems to be spooked by right-wing bloggers. In Canada they launched a Halal soup line. The right-wing has pressured Campbell Soup into saying they have no plans to launch a similar line in the US of A. CNBC’s very own Erin Burnett on her afternoon show “Street Signs” identified the US Halal market to be well over $150 billion.

Investor’s want wealth maximized.  Participating in a $150 Billion market seems like the right thing to do to expand your sales. What if shareholder rights activists started to launch lawsuits against Campbell and the Board of Directors? How can a few politically motivated bloggers influence a company with over a $12 Billion market cap. The shareholder activists would be complaining about cowardly management which misses profit opportunities.

Is this a Denise Morrison faux pas? Denise is the head of the North American soup operations and has been anointed as the next CEO. Controversy on that one also. She will replace Doug Conant this coming July 31, 2011.

Disclosure: George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. I have no positions in stocks mentioned in this post.