Hoku Disclosure Challenges

Hoku (HOKU) a solar power company was just interviewed on CNBC. Jane Wells a CNBC correspondent who holds down the West Coast beat spoke with Scott Paul CEO & President. As she drills down to pertinent questions Scott Paul suddenly says well we are in a quiet period because we will be issuing earnings in a few weeks. Then he continues to answer the question.

Scott if you cannot talk about it what are you doing on live TV? Scott if you cannot talk about it why are you talking about it? Scott if you cannot talk about it you cannot talk about it. You are at a big solar industry conference talking about it. specifically you are at Solar Power International 2010 or SPI 10. Readers should check out www.solarpowerinternational.com.

Scott you need to have a long talk with the lawyers. Jane Wells and CNBC, good interview. To hear the interview go to www.cnbc.com type in HOKU under stock symbols and have a listen.

Disclosure: I write from a caveat emptor perspective. I hold no positions in stocks mentioned in this post.