Yelp Yapped. Hey Twitter would You do This? $YELP $FB $YELP #socialmedia

OK so for some very early Christmas shopping I’m thinking maybe my son and so-in-law would like some nice leather jackets. Pretty cool present I’m thinking.

Get on the iPhone mobile Yelp (NYSE:YELP) app and punch it up. Get a listing of leather retailers close and far away from me. Something to work with. Not bad.

Then they serve up the recommendation and want to take me to a burritos¬†place. Like food burritos. I’m not hungry. SWM looking for shopping solutions should not be interrupted with rather stupid recommendations. This did not enhance Yelp shareholder wealth.

Have not used Yelp for over a week now. Know what I’m saying.

However in the past week I have eaten but not burritos and still open to looking at leather jackets.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective.

Out there somewhere somehow a men’s leather jacket salesman wants to meet with me. Can social media bring us together?¬† Sizes would be medium for one and XXL for the other. Must be very cool. Probably black.