Scottrade Secret Danger Messages

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Scottrade a leading on-line brokerage with many awards for customer service and a kick ass Chinese on-line trading platform needs to look at its TV Commercial strategy. The subliminal messages are manic-depressive. Scottrade was founded by Rodger O. Riney who is also President, Chief Executive Officer and many believe the owner.

They are currently running an ad of an attractive young couple moving into a new house. They take great comfort from the cable guy who lets them know their cable and internet connection is up and running including financial information channels. Connect the dots as to how the house was earned.

But then you see the moving crew checking out their stocks because it is Triple Witch Friday and they need to know what’s happening to their positions. By the time moving men are fully engaged in Triple Witch Trading you know the market has reached a frothy speculative pitch.

Scottrade’s new Chief Marketing Officer Kim Wells recently commented on the new ad campaign. “Through this campaign, investors and traders will see that although do-it-yourself investors are, by definition, investing independently, at Scottrade they are never truly alone.”  

The Welcome To Scottrade television spots were created by Boston-based advertising firm Gearon Hoffman, which has created and produced a number of television campaigns for Scottrade, and directed by Barry Levinson, who has also directed the films Bugsy, The Natural and Rain Man.

Thank you to Scottrade for the warnings.

Disclosure: George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. I hold no positions in stocks mentioned in this post.