Carl Icahn Follows 5 Journalists Why These Guys? Are They Good Icahn Sources? $AAPL

Carl Icahn on the now very famous Twitter feed follows only 5 individuals all of whom are respected Business Journalists. They are

Nathan Vardi  Forbes Reporter @nathanvardi

Steven Bertoni   Forbes Associate Editor @StevenBertoni

DAVID FABER   CNBC   @davidfaber

Trish Regan Anchor & Editor at Large BloombergTV  @trish_regan

Scott Wapner   CNBC  @ScottWapnerCNBC

Communication is nuanced process. These five scribes are all reputable and work for reputable news organizations. Carl Icahn has close to 53K of followers. In aggregate these five have 86K in followers. The Forbes guys are really low. Print vs television maybe? So the relative followers on Twitter has nothing to do with it. So watch and listen and see if these guys are just newshounds or can they be played in some fashion.

George Gutowski writes from a caveat emptor perspective. He can be followed on Twitter @financialskepti To the best of his knowledge Carl Icahn does not follow him on Twitter. But if you want you can follow Carl_C_Icahn. I’m sure every Barracuda class action lawyer is.